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For first time login we have created a generic username and password for all members - using this format:

Primary Member Username: Member Number
Example: 1234
For Spouse add the letter A
Example: 1234A
For Dependents add the letter B, C, D etc.
Example: 1234B
Password for Primary, Spouse and Dependents: Last Name
Example: Smith

After you have logged in to the website, you will be prompted to change your password to something that you can easily remember yet is more secure. We recommend a minimum of 6 characters for your password and it should not be something simple. In the future, you can always go to the My Account page and update your user information.  For all questions regarding the online registration process, contact or 530.550.6000.  

To download our mobile app that adjoins with this reservation portal, follow these directions:

For Apple devices, just search for ‘Club Central-By Foretees’ in your App Store. 

For Android devices, just search for ’Club Central-By Foretees’ in your Play Store.

After downloading the app, follow these instructions for your private club access:

1. Login into the members only Martis Camp reservation portal like you normally would from this login page.

2. After logging in, go to 'MY ACCOUNT' from the Home page and click the 'SETTINGS' option in the menu.

3. Scroll down to ‘Mobile Device Setup (ClubCentral App)’

4. Under New Device Setup, click ‘GENERATE PASSWORD’ and you will see your username and password. (You will only need to enter this information once so you will not need to memorize the username or password.)

To optimize use of the new online reservation portal and allow members to select tennis partners or golfers for their foursome, a name only roster of members is a part of the system. Members may
 OPT OUT of this roster for privacy reasons but will as a result be limited in their ability to make reservations. To OPT OUT please fill out this form and return to


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